Physical Therapy in the heart of Elk Grove.

Let’s get you moving and stretching! Physical Therapy is the key to healing and preventing injuries.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

As your local Elk Grove Physical Therapist, we are committed to all-around body health and treatment. A smart and consistent physical therapy treatment plan is part of that commitment. Patients who follow the prescribed treatment plan will see great improvements and healing.

Benefits include:

  • Increased Mobility – We want to keep you moving! Good mobility is the foundation for strength-building and physical activity.
  • Increased Strength – Simple exercises and stretching allow for better muscle activation and endurance.
  • Better Balance – Balance can always be improved, especially as you get older. Physical therapy can help prevent falls, trips, and other injuries that arise from a lack of balance.
  • Healthier Circulation – Get your blood pumping (in all the good ways, of course)! Stretching, simple exercise, and muscle activation will increase blood flow and help heal injuries faster.
  • And more!

Who is it for?

Everyone can benefit from physical therapy! You don’t need to have a traumatic event or accident to qualify for physical therapy treatment. Seeing a physical therapist is both restorative and preventative. Athletes young and old should seek the help of a physical therapist when they are injured or notice a slide in performance. Diabetics seek physical therapy to prevent sensation loss in their feet and legs, and they benefit from exercise plans that help control blood sugar. Young mothers benefit from physical therapy treatment plans before and after childbirth to stay strong and prevent injury.