Pregnancy and Postnatal Chiropractor in Elk Grove

Pregnancy pain relief the natural and holistic way with Antovich Chiro Therapy

Yes! Pregnant women can go to a Chiropractor.

We often get asked by our pregnant patients if they can continue or begin a chiropractic treatment plan while they are pregnant. The answer is yes! We have over 25 years of experience with spinal adjustments and we have the tables and equipment to accommodate a mother’s growing tummy. Treatments can be completed without putting excessive pressure on the abdomen. There are many physical and hormonal changes that happen to the body during pregnancy. But we are sure you already know that 🙂 These changes can lead to spinal and joint misalignment and other ailments:

  • More drastic curve of the back because of the growing abdomen
  • Pelvic changes as the body prepares for delivery
  • Other compensations throughout the body to adapt posture 

Although evolution and the human body is well-adapted to childbirth, it is important to monitor your body’s changes to make sure it is adapting correctly. Misalignments in the pelvis can make childbirth more difficult and dangerous to mother and child. When the pelvis is properly aligned, it will decrease the chance of the child shifting into a breech or posterior position. Proper spine alignment in the mother also helps with childbearing and delivery. Many Elk Grove mothers report experiencing:

  • Back pain relief
  • Neck pain relief
  • Sciatica pain relief
  • Overall increased comfort

Postnatal Chiropractic Care for Mothers in Elk Grove

Postnatal, also known as postpartum or post-pregnancy, chiropractic care can be a key factor in your recovery. This is known as the “fourth trimester”, the time it takes to get you back on your feet, moving around, and getting into your baby care (and self-care!) routine. Most chiropractors see a noticeable difference in recovery times between mothers who seek postnatal chiropractic care and those who do not. Every mother’s body is different and there are treatment plans adjusted to your body’s needs and the circumstances of your child’s delivery. Contact us today to start your treatment plan!