Ian Antovich performing an adjustment on a patient

Introducing: Ian Antovich

Hi there and welcome to our site and blog! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Ian Antovich, the newest member of the team, and I am a second generation Chiropractor. I was blessed enough to be born and raised in a chiropractic household which shaped my life. Growing up I was able to see all the amazing things chiropractic has to offer. I remember being a kid and seeing all the smiles on patients’ faces, who before care were in enormous pain, this really left an impression on me. I wanted to bring joy to patients and improve their health and well being the way my father has for 25+ years. This led to becoming a certified massage therapist while still in high school. I attended night classes my senior year and got my license just after I turned 18 years old, one of the youngest in the state. This was the start of my career in healthcare. 

Ian Antovich doing an adjustment on a patient.

After high school I attended California State University Chico where I worked as a massage therapist honing my skills at manual therapy, while learning more and more about the human body. Undergraduate was a great journey for me. I learned so much in school but also learned a lot of social skills which have translated into my care and communication with patients. I graduated from Chico State in 2018 with 3.5 gpa earning a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology and 3 minors in Health and Wellness, Exercise Science, Physical education. 

Following my graduation from Chico State I dove directly into my graduate degree at Life Chiropractic College West in the bay area. Here I started the process of learning how to become the best chiropractic doctor possible. Currently, I am diligently pursuing a doctorate in chiropractic so I can provide the best quality health and wellness to the members of my community. Extending a helping hand to people in need of health and pain free living. I have worked tireless over endless hours in my pursuit and this shows in my 3.75gpa. Additionally, I immersed myself in on campus culture, becoming the vice president of a club. This allowed me to give back to students on campus teaching them chiropractic techniques, and sculpting better chiropractors of tomorrow. More recently, I have shined in the clinical part of my education, meeting the requirements in a very fast time. This has allowed me to branch out and work in my fathers office while I finish up my classes online. I am set to graduate Summa Cum laude and earn my license in September of this year 2021. Through all this work I hope to make a real difference in the world around me. Although young I have developed great clinical skills, thanks to an amazing mentor (my dad) and am ready to impart great energy and care for everyone that walks through my door.